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It all depends on the area you are in and how many feet of pipe you have.  If there is a great distance from the water meter or back flow to the building, the price may be a bit higher due to the cost of the co2 or other gases. It can also depend on how many workers may be needed for the job or the time of the day the leak detection is done. On the average, the cost for a leak detection is a flat fee of $285.00 

Of course this can vary from job to job. Sometimes the leak detection can be as fast as 15 minutes and other times we can be there for up to 2 ½ hours.

If the leak detection takes longer, you were more than likely told it was going to take longer before we started the job. There is no additional charges if the leak detection takes longer.

We try to service the same day if needed but sometimes it is not always possible. We do try accommodate if there is an urgent problem.

We first check the water meter to determine what leak the system is located.  Sometimes installing valves may be needed to divide the systems (irrigation from domestic water). Once we figure out what system the leak is on, we will attempt to locate the water lines path (if there is a plastic water line with no tracer wire we may be unable to locate the path).  We will then mark the location with either paint, tape or chalk. Once we figure out the path of the water lines we introduce co2 .Co2 will act just like water once the co2 hits where the leak is, it start to make a rumbling sound. Once it it rumbles, we will walk where the suspected water line path is and use our state of the art  electronic listing device. The listing device will take us to were the sounds are located and the loudest.9 ½ out of 10 times, the loudest leak area is where the leak is located! We will then mark the location and then you can call the plumbing company that referred us to you and they can come back and give you an estimate of what the repair will cost. This is the most cost effective way to pinpoint the leak location so it can be fixed. 

We have the highest success rate out there in the industry! We have a good reputation and client satisfaction is incredibly important to us. 

No, due to the technology of the equipment we can only find the biggest leak. We are able to let you know if we think there may be multiple leaks but we cannot always guarantee that there are multiple leaks on the system. Of course we will always do our best to give you as much information that we can find.

No, we do not do the actual repairs. We are a company that works directly with plumbers who do the repairs leaving us focused on our specialty, leak detection. If you find us online and need a reputable plumber,  we will refer a licensed plumber convenient to your location. We have many years in the industry and have made many trustworthy and reliable contacts to handle any job that a client needs. Of course if you have your own local plumber, you can use whomever you wish to do the repair. 

No, we take a lot of pride in what we do and we are only there to help solve your water leak problem. If we have to return and something is going on that we were not able to locate the first time, we make sure the job is done properly and use it as a learning experience.

Yes, unfortunately some houses are in bad shape and may have multiple leaks and a new call of course would require a new charge.