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On The Spot Leak Detection provides non-destructive leak detection of hidden water leaks. Using state of the art acoustic equipment. We locate your leak quickly with minimal disruption. We provide services for insurance companies, home owner, and commercial properties. If you are hearing water running, feeling hot floors, or high water bills you more than likely have a hidden water leak.


On The Spot Leak Detection provides sewer pipe inspection and ground marking location. We can perform inspections on lines from 1 1/2 in. to 6 in. pipes. We use high quality camera which can record to a memory stick. We have the capability to locate and mark spots on surface as to where the problem lies in your waste line with location and depth of line being inspected.


On The Spot Leak Detection can locate the source of foul odors caused by leaky sewer vent lines. We locate these leaks by performing a smoke test. We use an odorless nontoxic smoke. The smoke is induced into waste system and will show the location of the leaky vent line. Weather it be inside the walls, attic, crawl space.


On The Spot Leak Detection provides utility locating
Of power, telecom, gas and water. To home owners
And contractors. When USA will not locate on private
Sites we mark your utilities to prevent costly damage
During construction.